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Nazapad video + slideshares

Построение правильной SEO структуры сайта. Дмитрий Бондарь

[youtube url=”″]

Дмитрий Бондар (Boosta) — Как сеошнику под рунет начать эффективно работать на запад


Дмитрий Бондарь (Boosta) — Как заходить в новую нишу — нюансы, детали, примеры


Инструментарий западного сеошника. Извлекаем максимальный профит от паблик сервисов – Дмитрий Бондар (Boosta)


Дмитрий Бондарь (Boosta). Тема на миллион: быстро, без конкуренции и вложений


Виктор Карпенко (SeoProfy) — Анализ ниши 80-го левела — примеры, кейсы, практика


Виктор Карпенко (SeoProfy) — SEO в 2016 году для англоязычного сегмента. Самое главное


Ольга Андриенко (SemRush) — Анатомия поста, который полюбит Google


Николай Хиврин (Megaindex) — Анализ SEO-аналитических сервисов



freelance content writers

  • fiver
  • text broker
  • upwork
  • price: $30/1000w
  • 4-5 pages, 5-6k words main article, 2-3k words other articles, 6-7 outreach links and around 10 crowd links per month for each article

Random notes

  • watch recorded vods
  • конкер купить пбн


Create A Daily Schedule (Checklist) And Stick To It (Self-Discipline)

  • include different types of activities during the day
    • learn seo/content marketing
    • learn html/css/php
    • learn filmora
    • learn with skillshare
    • exercise
    • rest
    • read/listen about psychology
    • apply things you learn (specially about psychology)
    • keep building this list
  • set eat time
  • set sleep time
  • work: set a priority goal and dedicate time to it every day (youtube channel, website)


CR7 Website/Football Club Fan Website

  • there are some really terrible websites on main keyword SERP
  • a lot of football websites are pretty garbage as well

Psychology Niche Website/Blog

  • psyco blog changing minds rewriting and putting on better design
  • target most common topics, not all of them
  • use my addiction article

Learn English Website/Blog

  • create a website similar to
  • use very simple explainations
  • target separate keywords with each articles
  • use some nice design/graphics like in

Create A Product Review Website

  • take example from
  • use all kinds of SEO tricks I know, run through every checklist I know/have
  • tshirts with languages you speak

Website In LoL Niche (With API Data Used)

  • LoL niche is huge. It has a lot of high volume keywords and there are still shit websites that can be beaten
  • There is not too many SEOs in LoL niche because most people are just playing League
  • example keyword: twisted fate build: 60 000/m.

Youtube Channel In League Niche

  • find a source of high qulity images/music
  • create a list of players to follow on Twitch/Youtube. Check their gameplay, find cool moments, use them for video compilations
  • come up with content ideas from VODs, Reddit, replays, streams, related Youtube channels (take their tricks)
  • learn video editing with filmora guides
  • learn how to use filmora
  • find good music, use remixes/house/edm/electronic/dubstep and other shit like that, music is a big deal
  • save good music that I find
  • make good LoL video compilations
  • can start with images slides with nice music on
  • can later move to creating nice videos from LoL replay client
  • learn courses from

Where to find footage for youtube channel

  • twitch videos
  • youtube videos
  • recorded footage from LoL client replays

How to download twitch videos

  • twitch downloader chrome extention +
  • winxdvd download twitch videos
  • twitch leecher downloader
  • read about twitch clips
  • start learning how to edit with twitch clips

How to download youtube videos

  • ummy video downloader

How to record from LoL client



SEO companies resume:

  • aweb –
  • seoprofy –
  • boosta не отвечают
  • netfix можно звонить если буду в киеве
  • freetourcom limited deny
    • hexa low $
    • SEO hands Зп 7к( ?
    • Evoplay зп ок ?
    • Privatedev зп ок 2/m ?
    • luckylab 12000 пн 12 00 skype interview
    • webpromo 10000 пт 12 00 skype interview



  • reply to xeha – no sorry
  • do task for web promo
  • interview at 12 00
  • wait for boosta
  • wait for seoprofy (maybe)

available positions

  • webpromo
  • netpeak
  • luckylabs
  • boosta (if respond)

Youtube ideas

Video (Sources)

  • VODs recorded in league client from (replays/highlights)
  • Twitch clips/games/highlights


  • Youtube (ummydownloader)

Images (Design/Thumbnails)

  • learn basics of photoshop


  • need to find good software and learn how to edit videos

Get to work part (goal)

  • make a 10 minute video
  • find 25-30 cool moments for that
  • search clips of famous twitch streamers of all regions
  • search through

Content Formats

  • full games
    • no editing
    • takes time to record
  • kills/outplays compilations
    • takes editing
    • less time to record/find

Hi Im Coconut

  • channel
    • banner: yes
    • thumbnails: yes
  • video
    • source:
      • highlights/clips/moments
    • structure
      • begins with some cool episode
      • then intro
      • main part
      • end: short ending with cool music and dancing streamers
      • youtube cards with links to subscribe, her other channel and other videos
    • content
      • uses different music
      • uses text effects
      • streamer channel/sender name mentions: yes
      • sometimes uses bare video with no music layer
      • uses short transition between episodes
    • overall
      • length: around 10 minutes
      • the video quality is not always the highest
  • description
    • CTA (chat with me)
    • CTA: Help me reach 500.000 subscribes:
    • credits (links to all twitch channels used)
    • links music used in description
    • error/removal notice
    • socials/contacts
    • subscribe/ty
  • title
    • clickbait phrase #1 about some moment in the video | clickbait phrase #1 about another interesting moment | LoL daily moments ep. number


  • channel
    • banner: yes
    • thumbnails: yes
  • video
    • source: twitch highlights/clips/moments
    • structure
      • start cool episode
      • then intro
      • main part
      • end
      • cards: subscribe cba (logo image), 3 video recommendations
    • content
      • music: song
      • text/images effects: his logo
      • streamer channel/sender name mentions: no
      • uses video suggest pop ups
      • bare video: 1st episode
      • transitions: no
    • overall
      • length: 10.5m
      • quality: sometimes shit
  • description
    • so fun when title
    • CTA: help me reach this
    • CTA: follow me on that
  • title
    • when pro do x champion y (tf. famous players x, y, z)