Best Beach Shade Canopy Reviews & Buying Guide

canopyHow many times have you been to the beach on a windy day, only to keep running after that pesky beach umbrella that just won’t stay upright?

Well, say goodbye to the topsy-turvy brollies, as we have a list of easy to set-up, sufficiently capacious and budget-friendly beach canopies that will help you keep cool this summer. 

We reviewed the best beach canopies that provide excellent protection from the sun while allowing free airflow so that you can make the most of your day out at the beach or at a sunny-day picnic with your family.

Top 7 Best Beach Canopies Currently on the Market in 2018

NameRust-ResistantCarry BagWaterproof 
(Editor's Choice)
Quick Shade
Caravan V-Series

1. ABCCANOPY Pop Up Canopy – Our Top Pick


If you are looking for something lightweight, heavy duty and will last then you have come to the right place.­ This canopy won’t limit you one bit and is one of the best beach canopies that provides a lot of shelter from the sun.

You will have no trouble setting it up and we guarantee a high quality. The canopy frame is stainless steel so you do not have to worry about erosion.

How to set up ABCCanopy step-by-step:

The company guarantees the availability of all spare parts so you don’t have to run around everywhere looking for them or feel that you wasted your money if you damage a spare part.

The model comes with a 12-month replacement warranty, 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime support.

  • Available in more than thirty colors
  • 100% waterproof
  • Comes with a roller carry bag
  • Lightweight
  • Can withstand strong winds
  • Damaged zippers and Velcro


2. Coleman Instant Beach Canopy – Easy Set Up in Just 3 Steps

Coleman Instant Beach Canopy

You can set up this outdoor canopy in three minutes. You won’t have to worry about any heat building up as this comes with a ceiling with ventilation.

Additionally, the canopy provides UV protection to help you avoid all the negative consequences of Sun exposure.

Read about the harmful effects of Sun exposure on your skin and health:

If you have a large family or are planning on going out with a large group this is perfect for you because it has plenty of space.

You also get a 12-month guarantee.

The canopy comes with a lot of great benefits, but it’s quite expensive. So it’s only a good choice for someone who can afford to pay for it.

  • Easy as one two three
  • Has a vented ceiling
  • Includes a UV guard to shade you from harmful sun rays
  • Comes with a wheeled bag to ease the canopy’s transportation
  • Strong winds can be damaging in the long run


3. Quik Shade Canopy – Best Budget Choice

Quik Shade Expedition canopy

This canopy is quick and easy for you to set up. It comes with a strong polyester bag so you can easily carry the canopy around anywhere.

It also comes with quick push/pull sliders and leg extenders that allow you to easily adjust the canopy according to the sun’s direction.

The canopy is great for any kind of outdoor activities since it is waterproof. Additionally, the frame is corrosion resistant so you can be sure that it will last for a long time.

It comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.

  • Waterproof
  • The frame is corrosion resistant thanks to the white powder coat
  • 99% UV protection
  • Three adjustable heights to fit your needs
  • The legs need to be handled with care
  • Strong winds can be damaging in the long run


4. CROWN Beach Shade Canopy – Best Portable Shade on the List


Crown shades defiantly thought of everything when designing this canopy. This canopy takes less than a minute to set up and needs only one person.

It comes with a grey powder finish so you don’t have to worry about erosion, rust, peeling or chipping.

All 4 legs come with push buttons, allowing you to choose between 3 different height options.

It comes with a wheeled bag for easy transportation. It is worth every bit you pay for.

As most good models, this one comes with a 12-month liability warranty

  • Quality design
  • Comes with leg locks
  • Height can be adjusted as needed
  • You can fit lots of people under it
  • Broken zippers
  • Extensive rain can be damaging


5. Eurmax Pop-Up Beach Canopy – Perfect Shelter from Strong Wind and Rain

 Eurmax 10'x10' Ez Pop-up Canopy

This pop-up canopy comes with 100% waterproof seams and blocks dangerous UV rays so you don’t have to worry about rain or harmful sun rays.

The canopy comes with a roller bag that makes it very portable and the transportation smooth even on rough grounds. It is of impeccable quality so you won’t regret your purchase.

This model comes with 3 plain sidewalls and 1 rolled up door wall. Each sidewall can be equipped separately, so you can choose how many walls you want to have.

If you want to, you can roll up the sidewalls anytime, since the sidewalls are attached to the top and the legs by velcro.

The canopy is very durable due to a very strong polyester material and comes with a 12-month warranty.

  • Comes with removable zippers, a roller bag and four sandbags
  • Sturdy and durable structure
  • Rust resistant
  • Comes with a thumb latch lock system
  • Lifelong service
  • Can withstand strong winds and rains
  • Not portable


6. AmazonBasics – The Most Durable Canopy

AmazonBasics Pop-Up beach Tent

A very simple roomy (96 square feet to be exact) canopy that can shelter a lot of people. The canopy comes with a roller bag that makes it very portable and easy to move around.

The frame is made of steel, which prevents chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion.

The polyester top provides 99% UV protection, which is very important if you plan to use the canopy during sunny days.

The model comes with a 12-month warranty and is definitely worth its price.

  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy and durable steel frame
  • It comes with a wheeled bag to ease the canopy’s transportation
  • The frame is corrosion resistant thanks to the white powder coat
  • 99% protection from harmful UV rays
  • Adjustable height
  • Cannot withstand heavy rain
  • Not very stable in windy conditions


7. Caravan V-Series – Provides 64 Square Feet of Shade

 Caravan Canopy V-Series canopy

It provides 144 square feet of shade. Additionally, it is easy to set up this canopy so you don’t have to be a pro at this. It comes with soft press brackets lock that allows you to lock the frame in place making it very stable.

Caravan V-Series is provided with a roller bag so you can easily transport it anywhere.  With the canopy inside the bag is about 4 foot long and about 12 inches square.

Additionally,  the manufacturer provides a 12-months warranty.

Unfortunately, this model is not waterproof and will leak in a lot of places during the rain. So while it is a great choice for sunny weather, it is not so good for rainy weather.

  • Durable and sturdy structure
  • The high-quality steel frame that is rust resistant
  • Comes with a roller make making it very portable
  • 99% protection from harmful UV rays
  • Vulnerable to wind damage


Buyer’s guide

Beach canopies are better than beach tents as they are open and allow more air flow. They are better than beach umbrellas too which either flip inside out or are just blown away impairing some poor soul’s eye! We hope our list was of help and you make the right choice when getting one. These things aren’t cheap so getting the wrong one isn’t an option.

Here is some more information on helping you choose the perfect beach canopy. There are basically two kinds of beach canopies:

  • Lightweight
  • Heavy duty

You can choose whichever you want based on your needs and use.

Beach canopies can further be classified based on design into the following categories:

  • Pole canopies.

These canopies are made of a number of polls supported by cords under pressure. These are very portable and easily available.

  • Frame canopies

These canopies are supported by an inbuilt frame. This makes them heavy and difficult to move around but they are very reliable.

  • Pop up canopies

These are the most convenient and easy to set up models. They are comparatively smaller and more portable than the other two kinds.

Beach shade canopies come in all sizes so you need to take into account how much shade you need, that depends on the number of people you have under the canopy. A canopy that gives 10 to 12 square feet worth of beach sun shelter is enough for one person. If you take more stuff with you to the beach like beach chairs then you need to consider those too.

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